Meet the Speakers

George Foreman III

This year we are elated to have George Foreman III of Everybody Fights as our Keynote Speaker.  He will be discussing: his story of getting into the fitness industry, his successes at his clubs and the importance of branding and community for your clubs.

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Justin "JT" Tamsett

Making Social Media Your Friend 

JT is recognized as a thought leader who challenges the status quo.  He's delivered 311 presentations to over 180,000 people since 2002. A highly sort after speaker as he shares best business practice from outside the industry that can be implemented.  And when you implement you stay ahead of the industry curve and grow profitability.

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Lesley Carr

Systems For Success: Develop a Winning Personal Training Team

For the past 12 years, Lesley has managed at all Healthworks locations leading her to her current position overseeing the Personal Training and Group Fitness departments for Healthworks and Republic Fitness. Her systematic approach to implementing best practices combined with her dedication to ongoing staff education has cultivated a team of highly skilled Fitness Managers and Personal Trainers. This commitment to excellence has led the company to a thriving personal training business and department. With a strong knowledge of the industry and track record of success she has been able to surpass annual budgets of over $10 million dollars and a member penetration rate of over 30%.

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Kristyn Fales

Systems For Success: Develop a Winning Personal Training Team

Kristyn has 14 years of experience managing and developing large personal training teams at the Healthworks Group. She is currently the Assistant Corporate Fitness Director plays an integral role in staff on boarding, training and fitness program development. Kristyn has also supported the HW Group fitness department for past 6 years in producing over $10 million in annual Personal Training revenue.  Past Presentations:
• IHRSA 2015 - Recruit, Integrate, Retain: How to Build and Develop your best Personal Training team
• NEHRSA 2015 - Recruit, Integrate, Retain: How to Build and Develop your best Personal Training team
• IHRSA 2017- Train & Retain:  Develop a winning Personal Training team to drive over $10 million annually in Personal Training Revenue.


Scott Gillespie

Competing with Boutiques

Scott is a 30 year industry veteran and owner Saco Sport & Fitness. He has served on the NEHRSA and IHRSA Board of Directors. Scott is a frequent presenter for IHRSA, NEHRSA, Club Industry and has been featured in and a contributor to Club Solutions and Club Business International magazines. Scott consults with independent clubs on sales systems integrating Membership and Program Sales.

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Mark Miller

Selling through Service - how to grow your club, your programs and your brand

COO of Merritt Clubs with over 25 years of experience at the Senior Management level; Mr. Miller joined the Merritt Team in 2000 as Regional Fitness Director responsible for all Fitness, Programming and Operations. Since that time he has moved into the strategic role of COO. In this capacity Mr. Miller is responsible for all the day to day management and operations of all 9 clubs, the Merritt consulting arm – MCM as well as its new Wellness division. He has a broad range of expertise including, club management, sales, revenue generation, personal training, programming, budgeting, and Cultural and service design in multi company environments.


Marci Bloch

Team Leadership:  Navigating Change to Drive Results

Marci Bloch, a Director of Learning and Organizational Development is a Director of Learning & Development at TripAdvisor.  Marci has 25 years of experience leading the learning and organizational development function for many organizations – health, academia, biotechnology and high technology.  Marci has a pragmatic approach to learning - Make it real and FUN.  Marci enjoys helping teams drive to results.   Marci spends her free time in the gym strength training, cycling, hiking, and skiing.